Not Peer Reviewed in Review, 2019

By my count, I wrote six public posts of substantive length in 2019:

I also wrote two additional posts that I haven’t publicly published:

  • Personal experience and a literature review on the use of naltrexone to treat alcohol abuse.  I decided not to publish the post last year because I want to have a lengthier period of personal experience to draw upon.
  • A review of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century, by Walter Scheidel.  This is private simply because I’m still finishing it, and I hope to publicize it by the end of the month.

Some thoughts about my year in blogging:

  • I would like to roughly double the number of long-form posts I publish next year, such that I write one a month.
  • I’m satisfied with the range of topics and formats of posts I’m writing.  Reviews, data analysis, and argumentative essays all seem like areas where I have the skills and interests to write productively.
  • I think I can be more proactive about promoting my posts.  By far the biggest spike in my traffic was when I posted a link on r/slatestarcodex.  I was initially cautious about doing that sort of thing; it felt like it might be a violation of Reddit’s norms, but it seems that people don’t mind some judiciously applied self-promotion when the effort level is high and the topic is relevant.
  • I’ve scaled back the food photos.  I like the way they fit visually between the long-form posts, but I don’t know whether they contribute to other peoples’ experience of the blog.  For whatever reason, they do seem to get a lot of other WordPress users following my blog, but I’m not so sure those users enjoy my long-form content.

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