Air fryer keto chicken tenders / mushroom and walnut pâté.

Some holiday experiments.  My girlfriend got me an air fryer, and we had been talking about trying keto, so here’s chicken breaded with coconut flour – more specifically, a coating of olive oil, coated with coconut flour, nutritional yeast, and some herbs and spices.


The chicken turned out perfectly; probably the best I’ve ever made – not that I’m much of an expert when it comes to cooking meat.  The coating was tasty but not crunchy.  There are a lot variables to consider, though – not just the air fryer, but also the use of coconut flour instead of wheat flour or bread crumbs, and the lack of egg batter.  Also, the recipe recommend that I spray the chicken with oil afterwards, but our oil sprayer is broken so I couldn’t do that.

The pâté is something I had made before…sort of.  In the past I’ve gone all mad scientist on it, and I’ve never been able to remember exactly what went in, so this time I made a point of keeping things simple.

The ingredients were:

  • Toasted walnuts.
  • Mushrooms and shallots caramelized in coconut oil, with tarragon, white wine, and a splash each of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.
  • Some extra virgin olive oil to smooth things out while mixing it with the immersion blender.
  • That garnish is a diced, dried apricot and some tarragon leaves.

It’s really good.  Not just “good enough for vegans”, but actually good.


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