link roundup

All the cool kids do link roundups.  I wanna be a cool kid.

  • Great Britain has some bad-ass government titles.
  • Ada Lovelace once wrote, “My Dear Babbage. I am in much dismay at having got into so amazing a quagmire & botheration with these Numbers, that I cannot possibly get the thing done today. …. I am now going out on horseback. Tant mieux,” which makes me feel crass for all the times I swear at my computer while programming.
  • If you google “Canadian political crisis,” this is the first hit.  The ruling party proposed an extreme budget; the minority parties threatened to band together and oust the ruling party, so the ruling party compromised with the centermost opposition party by making their budget less extreme, splitting the coalition.  A “crisis” in Canada sounds more functional than everyday politics in most countries.
  • Super Flavor Factories are not what you might expect.
  • In case you need this for a heated Facebook argument: Declarations of Causes of Seceding States, for Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.  Mentions “slave” or “slavery” eighty-three times, “trade” twice, “tariff” zero times.


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